As we start to grow older, the bones in our body naturally start to get weak which means that they need extra attention to remain strong. Usually, what our bones need is calcium to retain their strength, but it is not something that the body produces on its own. The case is even more grave in women, who lose a lot of nutrients during menstruation. So, to ensure proper bone health we must look for calcium from external sources. While calcium does ensure strong bones, it has a number of other benefits as well. It helps protect our body against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. As with age, we become more prone to diseases, we must follow a diet that is more calcium heavy, containing dairy and soy products, dark green leafy vegetables, cereals, fruit juices etc. There are also a number of calcium tablets for women which can help retain bone strength and help in minimising exposure to diseases.  

Mostly calcium is more required by individuals who follow a vegan diet, are lactose intolerant, or consume a lot of sodium and protein as these usually make your body excrete calcium. But if your diet has a proper intake of Vitamin D3 as well, then the excretion will be minimal.  

Vitamin D3 aids bone health as well, but majorly helps in utilisation and absorption of calcium, helping your body in the remodelling and growth of your bones. As with adults, especially adult women, soft bones is something that is quite common, vitamin D3 becomes essential. Much like calcium, vitamin D3 is also important to maintain immune health because in its absence there is a higher risk of autoimmune conditions. It is also helpful in reducing long term risk of cancer while regulating fat cells growth and maintaining hormonal levels, which is something that could benefit women combat PCOS and PCOD effectively. 

For an increase of Vitamin D3 in the body, it is a must to follow a diet which contains cheddar cheese, cod liver oil, scrambled eggs but it is also necessary to get regular sun exposure. Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets are also an alternative that is effective that can be of great help. Perfectil is one such multivitamin supplement from Vitabiotics, UK’s No.1 vitamin company, that helps in the regulation of and growth of essential nutrients in your body. Calcium Vitamin D3 tablets, like Perfectil, are essential for women not just to increase the level of calcium and vitamin D, but also in aiding their overall health. Perfectil even has other nutrients like Zinc with triple active support for biotin which can ensure a healthy life for you. 

So, don't let those bone aches just go unignored. Take the first step towards achieving the perfect health for yourself and your loved ones.