Don’t we all want to lead a healthy and happy life? It takes the intake of a balanced diet, ample hours of sleep, a regular exercise routine, and proper hygiene habits to have a healthy life. Being healthy does not only mean being away from illness, it instead refers to the well-being of one’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual state.

But in today’s fast world, not everyone has a dedicated schedule to focus on their health and the young generation is moving towards a negative lifestyle. Then how do sportspersons like Virat Kohli are so fit even in their 30s? Virat Kohli is one of the fittest players in the world. 

How does India’s No.1 cricketer stay on top of his game?

"Even if you have a nutritionally perfect diet in your 30s and above, it might not be sufficient to fulfil your body's requirements, especially in your 30s and above. Men should incorporate essential vitamins and supplements into their daily diet to stay healthy."

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Why Do Men Need Additional Vitamins and Supplements in Their 30s?

Even if you have a nutritionally perfect diet in your 30s and above, it might not be sufficient to fulfil your body's requirements, especially in your 30s and above. Men should incorporate essential vitamins and supplements into their daily diet to stay healthy.

As your body ages, it starts losing more minerals than it absorbs. Hence, your bones become weak and tend to break easily. Though osteoporosis is more common in women, men have a high chance of it. 

Many men in their 30s and above develop ailments and hence require medicines and pills. These medicines cause gastritis and, more often, constipation. Therefore, your body needs additional vitamin supplements for easy and better digestion of food.

Research shows men tend to forget things very quickly, and this problem increases with age. Studies and research have found that the higher concentration of Vitamin B6 in blood, the higher the memory power.

Vitamins like magnesium help the human body in making protein and keeping the blood sugar level balanced. The primary source of magnesium is seed-nuts and leafy vegetables. But most men aren't fond of either, so taking supplements is crucial to maintain the magnesium requirement.

The macronutrient zinc plays a crucial part in all essential functions of the body, like the sense of taste, smell, and vision. It protects from infections and inflammation as well. The sources of zinc are not very commonly included in men's diet, leading to a lack of nutrients.

Everyone is well aware of the importance of fibre. But are you aware that it is even more essential as you age? Fibre plays a significant role in protection against strokes and works like a charm in constipation. It also lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol in men. Men in their 30s need 25 to 30 grams of fibre per day. Our diet rarely fulfils this requirement, which is where vitamin supplements come to your rescue. 

Important Nutrients and Minerals for Men's Health

The intake of vitamins mostly depends upon a man's genetic disposition, lifestyle, environment, and food habits. For example, for a 9-5 office goer, his body might have a sufficient amount of Vitamin C but may lack Vitamin D. Similarly, the vitamin requirements for a man who's into field work would be different.

Although vitamin requirements are individualist, these are the list of the most important nutrients a man's body needs:


Often referred to as the king of all herbs, Ginseng is a great source to improve memory, and mood by enhancing brain functioning.  Along with strengthening the immune system, the intake of Ginseng by men help them fight fatigue by increasing the energy production in the body cells. You can eat raw ginseng, or stew it in your tea, or add it to the soup.


Zinc is the mineral needed to maintain the sexual health of males. It has been studied and found that zinc is responsible for male sexual proficiency as it plays a vital role in producing the sex hormones testosterone and prolactin. Sources of zinc are seafood (oysters), poultry, whole grain, red meat and beans


Calcium is the essential mineral required in bone development and maintenance. It also plays a vital role in the nourishment of teeth. Calcium also helps in the management of muscle functions and contraction. Sources of calcium are milk and other dairy products, salmon and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial in issues related to prostate and urination. It also helps in the synthesis of antioxidant collagen, which helps in the repair of skin. Vitamin C also has proven benefits in giving radiance and youthfulness to the skin. Besides all these, Vitamin C is also an immunity booster. Sources of Vitamin C are lemons, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, potatoes and grapefruits. 

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is one of the men's most crucial vitamins. Vitamin D is significant in maintaining testosterone level, muscular health, and robust immune system. Its deficiency leads to severe problems like libido, heart and bone-related issues, fatigue, low metabolic rate, and sleeping disorders. Sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish, yoghurt, milk and sunlight.

Vitamin Bs

The B Vitamins play a vital role in converting food into cellular energy so that it can be taken up and used by the body. Vitamins B, particularly B12 and B6, support a healthy nervous system as they contain chemicals required to make neurotransmitters, which regulate our mood. Vitamin B also helps form RBCs (red blood cells).

Another essential B vitamin is Vitamin B9- Folate. Folate is as important for men as it is for women. It plays a significant role in the enhancement of sperm quality and sperm health. Vitamin B9 helps maintain men's fertility for over 30 years and sound heart health. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant essential because it neutralises damaging free radicals in a man's body. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital for maintaining eye health and night vision. It is fat-soluble and also strengthens the immunity system. Sources of Vitamin A are broccoli, carrots, green veggies, salmon, and mangoes.

The Best Multivitamin Supplements for Men In 2023

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#AgeIsJustANumber. You must at least once have thought about what vitamins men should take, and are there any supplements you need? Eating a balanced diet cannot fulfil all your vitamin and mineral requirements. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for the essential vitamins is much higher than we usually take. You might need none of the supplements, but it is always preferable to assess your requirements and health in time to avoid health issues later in life. Take this quiz and get to know your body and its requirements better.