Known for his fearless approach towards Cricket., Virat Kohli is the ambassador for Vitabiotics Wellman. The partnership between No. 1 Batsman and the number one vitamin supplement builds on Virat’s long-standing use of Wellman vitamins
We don’t let the pressures of the game change us, we change the game instead. We are Wellman. Wellman vitamins are designed exclusively to suit lifestyle needs of men at every stage of life.
Life is non-stop, so be UNSTOPPABLE! – Virat Kohli

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“Mental strength is something that we all know is a massive factor in the everyday life.
I’ve been using the brand for a while now, it gives me the right kind of Balance that is required for my Body nutrition wise and all the different vitamins that are required for my Body on a daily basis. Just one pill helps all of that for me so yeah that is a very very crucial factor.
-- Virat Kohli -- 

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“Wellman is a comprehensive, science-based formulation of 21 essential nutrients, professionally developed in the UK for men who want to maintain overall health and vitality. Vitabiotics prides itself on research and innovation and I’m proud to be associated with a brand that can be trusted for its quality and effectiveness. 
Wellman is manufactured to high quality pharmaceutical standards, in state-of-the-art fully licensed factories. Each raw material undergoes a stringent quality audit before use, to ensure only the best ingredients are used, followed by numerous checks during production.  
That’s why I trust Wellman, as you get the most comprehensive formula with the best quality that my body needs.”

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Vitabiotics believes in giving everyone the benefit of good nutritional science to Every age/ Every lifestyle to help everyone be at their best with easy-yet-effective nutritional support.