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Five must-read posts about fertility

Five must-read posts about fertility

Thinking about trying for a baby? We round-up five must-read posts about fertility

This month is Fertility Month, and we’re looking at everything that affects you when trying for a baby.

If you are thinking about taking the big step towards TTC (trying to conceive) then here are five posts for you to read up on first, before you start trying.

What are the best healthy food to eat when TTC (and can you still have a glass of wine?) Christmas and New Year are coming up and with them lots of big meals and partying. But it’s important to eat more healthily if you’re TTC. Read our more fertility diet tips for TTC and watch our TTC tips vlog.

Are there any natural fertility boosters? If you are trying to make sure your body is as prepared as possible, make sure you read our post on conception tips to find out what you can do to boost fertility, naturally.

When – and why – should you take Folic Acid? Most people are aware of the importance of taking folic acid when you are pregnant, but did you know you should take it well before you even start trying? Make sure you read our post on the importance of folic acid before you start trying for a baby to find out when that is.

How can you track your cycles? Tracking your cycles is a good way of getting to know your body and reading the signs that tell you when the best time to try is. It can just be keeping a note of when your period is each month. Read our post on fertility tracking apps for starters.

Remember that male fertility is important, too! As well as your health, it’s important to think about your partner, too, and make sure they are in good shape for when you are both ready to try.

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