What is Immunosenescenece?

Quite a mouthful isn't it? Try Immuno-sene-scence 

Immunosenescence is the collective changes that are observed within the immune system with age. 

Aging differentially affects the human body, with studies suggesting that different organs and even regions within the same organ can change at different rates. Therefore, even if our body and the individual organ systems are of the same chronological age, we should be more focused on measuring our “biological age”, which tracks the detrimental effect of time on each of our organs, especially because these effects vary between individuals.

Types of Organ Aging

  • Brain aging
  • Musculoskeletal aging
  • Gastrointestinal aging
  • Lung aging
  • Cardiovascular aging

Aging has been associated with a myriad of both acute and chronic diseases. At the core of these diseases, the change in the host immune system with age could either have contributed to the cause as it is the host main defence mechanism against foreign pathogens or its functionality being impacted by these diseases and conditions.

Various external stressors that results in biological age-related immunosenescence

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