While an overflowing bathroom cabinet can be a chore, there is no question that all the products living there serve a purpose.

Men’s grooming is a topic that has been steadily gaining momentum for the last decade. Today many men don’t need their significant other to guide them through the seemingly endless products.

That being said there is still much wisdom to be gained from the grooming regime of the women in your life. Pay attention to those far more practiced, they’ve got years of experience. We’re still trying to work out the difference between toner and cleanser!

  • Daily 

    Keeping your skin hydrated is the cornerstone of any good grooming routine. Say goodbye to dry elbows and welcome an era of clean, soft skin. An under eye serum can help perk tired eyes up and alongside an anti-aging moisture. These products can sort you out in time for you Saturday brunch date, no matter what time you went to bed.


  • Exfoliate, often 

    Using a pumice stone can help clean up your feet for those flip flop days. No one wants to see what your brogues have been cooking up all winter. Removing the dead skin across your body using exfoliating gloves or a loofah will help keep skin healthy.
  • Your face needs a kinder treatment and a specially made facial scrub is key to protecting the delicate skin. This will help keep you spot-free and ward off those pesky blackheads!


  • Keep yourself clean 

    Using a flannel or a sponge is important to shift the dirt soaked up by the soap. Ignoring areas, like the legs, when you’re tired in the morning is a habit that should be broken. Clean skin is healthy skin and a build-up of sweat and oils can cause havoc. A face wash can help provide added nutrients to help keep oiliness away.


  • Shampoo and condition

    Don’t use an all in one body and hair wash. No one ever got nice hair with a bar of soap. You shouldn’t shampoo every day, especially if you’re sporting a longer hairstyle. A few times a week is enough. Over-shampooing can lead to your hair actually producing too much oil to compensate. It’s a vicious cycle! Added zinc will help to keep your black jumpers free of dandruff. There is no worse look than greasy hair speckled with dead scalp skin. Avoid this at all costs.


  • Trust in nature

    Aloe Vera and Menthol help to keep skin fresh and moisturised alongside tightening pores. These plants have been used by people for thousands of years to spruce themselves up. It’d be a shame to break the tradition!


  • Don’t forget to floss

    Much of the bacteria that cause bad breath are in between your teeth, devouring the scraps of last night’s takeaway and causing all sorts of funk. Get some floss in there and save everyone the hassle!