Our skin, hair and nails require some key ingredients to be able to maintain their shine and glow. These ingredients are usually found in a regular balanced diet. But for those of us who don’t have the time of day to plan and prepare a healthy meal each time, supplements for good skin and hair come to our rescue. In our youth, we might overlook the importance of caring for our skin and hair, but as we age, the effects of neglect and inadequate nourishment become evident. Beauty supplements can aid in the prevention of hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and loss of elasticity.  

True beauty comes from within. Healthy hair, skin and nails come from routined and healthy lifestyles, and most of us could use a little health boost in the form of vitamin supplements or good skin and hair. When our bodies are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, the symptoms usually manifest themselves in our hair, skin or nails. Noticing these symptoms and adding the right beauty supplements to our diet can help us take better care of our bodies. Specific supplements help with specific concerns. Supplements for brighter skin can help someone that struggles with dull and dehydrated skin, whereas someone with dull hair would require a supplement rich in biotin.

What can skin supplements do for you?

Vitamin supplements for skin and hair have a multitude of benefits. They can range from improving the general health and quality of your skin, to addressing specific deficiency-related concerns. Biotin and zinc are known to aid in the betterment of skin and hair. In addition to that, a lot of supplements for good skin and hair also contain vitamin C, E and selenium, which help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin C in particular, is a key ingredient in supplements for brighter skin, as it impedes the melanin production in our skin. 

There are however several misconceptions regarding the consumption of beauty supplements. Let's address some of these common misconceptions and bust these myths as we go along. It is usually believed that oral skin supplements don't work as well as topical skincare products. While it may be true that topical skin care products could give you faster results, the advantages of taking oral vitamin supplements for skin outweigh these timely benefits. Multivitamin supplements work to improve your overall health and wellness thereby improving the quality of your skin and hair. Another common misconception is that a well-balanced diet means that you do not require multivitamin supplements. The truth is that, even with a nutritious daily diet, it is possible for the body to miss out on some of those key ingredients that are required to keep your skin looking radiant and glowy. Another big misconception when it comes to beauty supplements is that they only benefit people with vitamin deficiencies. Although there are specific supplements that help people with certain deficiencies, most skin and hair supplements contribute to the overall health of your skin and hair. 

Now that we know how vitamin supplements can promote good skin and hair health, we also need to understand that these supplements only provide additional benefits. They do not work independent of a balanced diet. Most dermatologists recommend that vitamin supplements be taken in addition to an already nutritious diet, to boost our overall health and wellness.